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Why bother with trying to prevent the crap that scammers put on your computers?
Tons of reasons - Your privacy, no popups, and faster computer response for just a few!!

Reviewing our logs, we noticed that over 35% of our surfers have some sort
of spyware loaded on their computers - from funwebproducts to zango

These programs insert malware code that slows down your surfing,
Adds popups to webpages that arent supposed to have them, and
most importantly - Records all types of information about YOU
From passwords to private Credit Card info to your surfing habits

Removal and Detection Tools

What can you do to detect and prevent infections and installs?

First off - Always have some sort of virus and spyware protection
There are many tools out there - some work - some don't
Many companies preload software on your computer when you purchase it
Most of these "virus suites" do very little if anything to help
And Most Importantly - The Best Tools Available Are Free


Kaspersky (Free Trial)
Avast (Free)
TrendMicro Housecall (Free)


We only recommend One Tool For spyware - and it is free
We have used it over and over to rid our own computers of
spyware and have found that no other program out there finds
and removes everything - except this one FREE program:

SpyBot SD (Free)
spybot spyware prevention
Click Here To Download and Scan Your System

If you have any questions - free free to email us at

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