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FEATURED Sites for Sexual Information

What is Safe Sex?
Sexual activity in which safeguards,
such as the use of a condom and the avoidance
of high-risk acts, are employed to reduce
the chance of acquiring or spreading a sexually transmitted disease.

Using a condom
Is there a right size? Different colors?
Lubricated or not?
Get the answers to these questions
and loads more information on condoms
Safe-Sex How To Use a Condom

Confused on what a sexual term means?
You overhear phrases like BDSM or twink
Knowledge is king when it comes to sex
The more you know the less chance there is
You'll find yourself
in a situation you dont understand
Look up that obscure sex term here:
Sex Terms Glossary

Ask Alice your question
You can look up the answers to sexually
related terms or find out the facts about
those rumors you heard on the street.
The Sexuality Information and
Education Council of the U.S.

SIECUS develops, collects, and disseminates information, promotes comprehensive education about sexuality, and advocates the right of individuals to make responsible sexual choices
Sex,Censorship and Internet
Wondering what type of censorship occurs
Because your ISP or college censors
the websites you are surfing?
Does a search for sexual information
bring up unexpected results has been a forerunner
in fighting the censorship on the internet
Supporting the right to free speech
as well as free access to information
Read about the EFF here


Planned Parenthoods Safe Sex Pages
Safe Sex
Sex Addicts Anonymous
By Teens For Teens Info
The Kinsey Sexual Research Center Sex Pages
Guide to Safe and Responsible Sex - MTV's Its Your Sex Life
Google's Sex News
Google's Sexuality Directory
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